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We call what we do, integrated support services. Integrated for two reasons. Firstly, the facilities we manage have every service our clients’ need completely integrated into the core of the site. This could be catering, cleaning, health and safety, communications or a myriad of other services.

Integrated also means integrated into the communities in which we operate. Many other companies may claim local integration but at RSS we go further. We don’t just employ locally, but also make every effort to support and develop local communities not only during our time on site, but for years to come. We do this through Community First.

World leading provider of integrated hospitality and support services for remote sites

There are some areas of the world where doing business is a lot more difficult than others, and if your business is mining, oil and gas exploration or anything that takes you to remote environments, then there is a good chance you and your people will find themselves in some pretty inhospitable like places. Places like jungles, deserts, mountains, rainforests, or even ice fields.

When you are doing business and working in such remote or hostile locations the right support services are crucial. Remote Site Solutions (RSS) is totally geared towards providing the perfect remote working environment no matter how difficult the location.

We do this by employing a totally flexible model to everything we do, and combine this with unparalleled local knowledge. In fact we are so embedded in the regions of the world in which we operate, we would consider ourselves a local organisation not the international company we are, with regional offices on all the major continents.

This mix of true local knowledge and an international view makes us unique in the area of remote support services and gives us the ability to provide companies with remote solutions that perfectly meet their requirements. Our ability to understand and cater to national and cultural diversities has proved vital in ensuring the smooth operation of remote projects and special events.

Company Mission

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to the success of the company are three values: People. Products. Results.


Everything we do has a people focus. People are the embodiment of our business either as clients, recipients of our service or employees.


The quality of the products and services we provide reflect on the company as a whole. Our experience allows us to deliver unsurpassable services delivered with passion by people who care.


Ultimately we will be regarded on our results. These help distinguish RSS as a world leader in this industry. Results mean satisfied clients and a progressive business.


The remote site services industry is extremely challenging and our goals and objectives are to stay ahead of the competition by constantly employing new technology, the latest products and most importantly the best people. To achieve our aim we offer all stakeholders three core values for them to attain and maintain a competitive advantage.


Tailor made products and services offered.

Cost Leadership

Value for Money services.

Quick Response

Adapting timeously to stakeholder and industry needs.

We aim to keep Remote Site Solutions at the cutting edge of the remote site services industry by encompassing the above and in so doing, achieving the aspirations of all our stakeholders.